Online Mapping Solution for Governmental Land Lease Management

satellite imagery

Project Overview

Our client approached us with the idea to create an online mapping solution for governmental institutions, specifically made to address challenges in managing land leases for farmers. The primary objective was to create a digital platform that could accurately define the actual sizes and dimensions of agricultural plots, facilitating a fair and transparent process for land leasing.


The primary challenge was the lack of precision and clarity in existing land measurement methods, leading to discrepancies and disputes in land leases. Governmental institutions struggled with outdated systems that were not only inefficient but also prone to errors. The key requirements were accuracy in land measurement, ease of access for both government officials and farmers, and the ability to update and manage land records efficiently.

satellite imagery


We developed a comprehensive online mapping tool that utilized advanced GIS (Geographic Information System) technology and satellite imagery. The solution included:

  • Accurate plot mapping

The system used high-resolution satellite images to map out agricultural lands with precise measurements.

  • User-friendly interface

An intuitive interface was created for easy navigation and use by government officials and farmers, allowing them to view and verify plot dimensions.

  • Real-time data access

The platform provided real-time access to land records and measurements, ensuring up-to-date information for all parties.

  • Integration with governmental databases

The system was seamlessly integrated with existing governmental land databases for streamlined data management and record-keeping.

satellite imagery


As a result, the online mapping solution effectively modernized the land lease management process for governmental institutions, paving the way for fairer and more efficient agricultural land leasing practices. The new system significantly improved the accuracy of land measurements and reduced error margin to less than 2%. The client received positive feedback from the users, and farmers in particular, appreciated the transparency and ease of access to land information.


Technologies: GIS, Postgis, Google Earth Engine API, Python, GCP, React.js

Team: Project Manager, 3 Software Developers, DevOps, QA Engineer

Services Provided: Custom Software Development, Web Development,

API Integration, Quality Assurance.