GrainTrack: Revolutionizing Commodity Trading Operations

Project Overview

Our client, established in 2015, is a dynamic player in the commodity trading sector, dealing with an array of products like grains, sugar, coffee, oil, and gas. With a combined experience of over 30 years in grain trading they have established themselves as a significant force in the industry. Their business model revolves around a web-based platform offered on a subscription basis, providing comprehensive solutions for both managers and employees in the commodity trading arena.


The primary challenge faced by our client was the complex nature of commodity trading operations, which involved managing numerous contracts, shipments, warehouses, documents, and financial transactions. The need for quick decision-making, data consolidation, and operational transparency was paramount. Employees often grappled with the risks of making mistakes, redundant work, and time-consuming processes in document generation and report preparation.


In response to these challenges, we integrated our development team into existing GrainTrack’s SDLC and together developed an innovative, web-based platform that simplifies and automates the core aspects of commodity trading operations. GrainTrack allows users to easily enter information about operations and import execution documents, after which the system automates the rest. Key features include:

  • Operations and Execution Tools: Efficiently handles contracts, futures, shipments, warehouse management, documentation, invoicing, and payments.
  • Automated Invoices and Document Printing: Streamlines financial processes and documentation.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Includes P&L reports, position and MTM reports, risk exposure, execution reports, real-time analytics, cash flow, AR & AP reports, along with market and FX data.


GrainTrack has revolutionized our client’s operations, offering significant value both to managers and employees:

  • For Managers: The platform provides critical reports and analytics for quick decision-making, consolidates all data for better transparency and control, and offers a helicopter view of the company.
  • For Employees: It eliminates mistakes, automates various processes, removes redundant tasks, and saves time for more critical work.

With everything from operations to documents, and invoices to bills of lading under control and stored securely in the cloud, GrainTrack offers 24/7 access from any device. This ensures effective tracking of operations, document generation, PNL calculation, invoice issuance, and receiving notifications, thereby enhancing overall efficiency and productivity.

In conclusion, GrainTrack has not only streamlined our client’s commodity trading operations but also empowered them with the tools for better decision-making and operational control, all within a user-friendly and accessible platform.

Technologies: Python, Angular, Redis, Mailgun, Digital Ocean

Team: 1 Project Manager, 3 Software Developers, 1 QA Engineer, 1 Business Analyst. 

Services provided: Project engineering, Custom software development, Quality assurance, DevOps.


  • 12x quicker documents preparation and invoicing
  • 10x quicker emails management
  • 9x quicker contracting and business confirmation
  • 7x quicker reporting