Design Vision of Digital Agriculture Solution

We received a task from the client to create a visualization of a web platform for a digital agriculture association. The main complexity is that the platform needs to become a one-stop shop for different counterparts in the agribusiness sector. It should combine:

  • agricultural marketplace functionality
  •  access to a remote satellite sensing hub
  • AgroVoltaics hub
  • Data hub.

Our goal was to create a holistic, integrated solution tailored to meet the varied needs of the agribusiness sector. With this comprehensive approach, we aimed at not only enhancing the efficiency and productivity of agricultural practices but also fostering sustainability and connectivity among different stakeholders. 

Let’s talk about the interface

We focused on simplicity, accessibility and cohesive experience. The platform’s design emphasizes a clean, user-friendly interface that allows easy navigation across various functionalities—Ag marketplace, satellite sensing, AgroVoltaics, and data analytics. The goal is to ensure that even users with limited technical expertise can operate efficiently within the platform.

Despite the diversity in functionality, the design maintains a consistent look and feel throughout, providing a seamless user experience that integrates all services without overwhelming the user. 

Core Functionalities Integrated in the Design

Ag Marketplace

  • Interactive Dashboard. Users access a dynamic marketplace dashboard that displays real-time pricing, supply chain information, and market trends, facilitating informed decision-making.
  • Automated Transactions. Streamlined processes for buying and selling, backed by secure, automated transaction capabilities to reduce errors and increase transaction speed.


Remote Satellite Sensing Hub

  • Intuitive Maps and Controls. Satellite imagery is integrated into user-friendly maps with interactive controls, enabling users to monitor crop health, weather patterns, and land use with precision.
  • Custom Alerts and Reports. Tailor-made alerts for weather changes or crop health issues, ensuring that users can react promptly to any agricultural threats or changes.

AgroVoltaics Hub

The AgroVoltaics Hub is a specialized section of the digital agriculture platform that integrates agricultural activities with photovoltaic (solar) energy production. A key feature of this hub is its sophisticated calculator, designed to help users evaluate the potential of integrating solar energy systems into their agricultural operations. Below is an in-depth description of this functionality, along with the benefits and interface details.

Calculator Functionality
  • Data Input: Users begin by entering specific data about their land plot, such as location, size, current crop types, and existing infrastructure. This might also include soil type, typical sunlight exposure, and historical weather patterns.
  • Investment Calculations: The calculator processes the input data to estimate the initial and ongoing investment needed to implement photovoltaic systems on the land plot. This includes costs for solar panels, installation, maintenance, and any necessary modifications to agricultural practices.
  • Prediction of Agro Yield: By analyzing the land data and the potential impact of installing solar panels (which may provide shade and affect crop growth), the calculator predicts changes in agricultural yield. This includes modeling different scenarios where solar panels might enhance or reduce crop production due to microclimatic effects.
  • Energy Yield Estimation: It calculates the expected energy production from the installed solar panels. This includes estimates of daily, monthly, and annual energy output, taking into account local solar irradiance, panel efficiency, and other environmental factors.

Data Hub

  • Advanced Analytics. The design incorporates advanced data analytics tools that process large datasets to provide actionable insights, displayed through easy-to-understand visualizations and reports.
  • Customizable Modules. Users can customize data displays and reports to match their specific needs, making the platform adaptable to various agricultural sectors.

Benefits of Design

Enhanced Efficiency

  • All-in-One Platform. By combining multiple functionalities into a single platform, users save time and resources, reducing the need to switch between different applications or tools.
  • Streamlined Operations. Integrated tools and automated processes streamline operations, from market transactions to energy management and data analysis.

Increased Productivity

  • Data-Driven Decisions. Access to real-time data and analytics empowers users to make decisions that enhance productivity, optimize resources, and improve crop yields.
  • Proactive Management. Satellite and data hubs allow for proactive management of agricultural operations, anticipating problems before they affect productivity.


  • Promotion of Renewable Energy. The AgroVoltaics hub promotes the use of solar energy in agriculture, reducing carbon footprints and operational costs.
  • Resource Conservation. Data insights help in optimizing water usage, fertilizer application, and other resources, contributing to sustainable agricultural practices.


  • Flexible Design. The platform’s modular design allows for scalability, enabling the addition of new functionalities as the needs of the agribusiness sector evolve.
  • Customization. Customizable elements ensure the platform can adapt to various business sizes and types, from small farms to large agribusiness corporations.


We created the design vision of this agriculture technology solution with the ecosystem in mind, that not only supports the everyday operational needs of agribusinesses but also advances their long-term sustainability goals. Our designers integrated diverse functionalities into a single, coherent platform. 

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