Qaltivate covers a full range of services throughout SDLC to support digital transformation on any scale.

Product Engineering

Our team is fully equipped to handle brainstorming, documentation, prototyping, app creation, and iterative enhancements, from concept to completion. By choosing our service, you free yourself from the burdens of assembling a team, overseeing development, or getting into the engineering details.

Your role is to provide the initial idea and participate in key decisions, approving crucial functionalities as they are delivered. We handle the rest, including decisions on the team size, composition, and outlining the product development stages and timelines. This service leverages the latest agricultural technology, ensuring a solution is both innovative and industry-specific. Trust us to transform your vision into a fully-realized software for agriculture industry, allowing you to focus on your core business goals

Team Extension

If you’re looking to expand your development team without the hassle and time commitment of recruitment and administrative processes, our outsourcing services are the perfect solution. We work with highly skilled professionals from our fully-equipped office in Lviv, who can integrate with your existing team. 


Opting for our outsourcing services not only accelerates your hiring timeline but also enhances your development productivity. By choosing our team extension service, you can concentrate on growing your business and strategic planning, secure in the knowledge that the outsourced technical talent for your agribusiness software projects is fully in sync with your specific technical needs.

Discovery Phase

Gain certainty and clarity in every step of the software development with the discovery phase. This phase involves a thorough analysis to create a comprehensive system design, including architecture, interfaces, and data management tailored to your unique requirements.

After discovery, you will receive a comprehensive design, a Software Requirements Specification (SRS), and an architectural plan. These elements are crucial not only for immediate project needs but also for facilitating future scalability. Investing in the Discovery Phase streamlines your development process and is a worthwhile long-term investment, preventing expensive alterations later. 

Technology Consulting

Our tech consultancy services are specifically designed to empower agribusinesses with digital transformation and technology integration, fostering business agility in a rapidly evolving industry. By integrating innovative agribusiness software solutions, we aim to streamline your operations by introducing the necessary digital solutions. 

From digital accounting and bookkeeping to sustainability tracking and e-learning platforms, we will identify the gaps in your business and suggest the best solutions to cover your needs. We prioritize aligning your unique, innovative ideas with the right technology and processes, ensuring that the software solutions we provide are perfectly attuned to your specific business needs and objectives in the agribusiness landscape.

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