Farm Management Software

farm management softwareProject Overview 

The client came to us with the idea to design a farm management software that would consolidate essential agricultural data with a customized, secure database. This system aimed to streamline farming operations and enable effective monitoring and management of agricultural activities. 


The client is a mid-sized agriculture company with a couple of farms. Specializing in the cultivation of organic and healthy food products for the wholesale market, the company was focused on enhancing the quality and efficiency of its produce. The company wanted to improve its farming methods by using special, advanced software. Their goal was to become more competitive in farming and to make better products without risking the safety of important information. After many discussions, it was clear that the client needed a system made just for them. This system would safely keep important data and help manage and monitor their farming work more effectively, following the usual standards in agriculture.

farm management software


After consulting the client, we started the development process. At the start, we set up the basic structure of the system and created the databases. Then, we moved on to making and setting up special farming software. Our developer made a secure, easy-to-use online platform for smart farming. This platform was made for both the farm workers and the owners to use. It includes:


  • To gather and save vital information from live cameras in a safe, precise, and dependable database.
  • To develop an interface for employees to access and work with the data collected from the cameras.
  • To incorporate satellite data that offers smart tools for analytical decision-making.
  • To provide tools for analytical decision support that simplify the monitoring, comprehension, and enhancement of field productivity and crop health.
  • To implement automated systems for monitoring and managing farm activities.
  • To establish a business management system designed for employee use.
  • To allow staff members to set up accounts on the Business Management System (BMS), with access levels tailored to their job roles.
  • To enable employees to exchange information and communicate with each other through the BMS.

farm management software


We were able to develop an application that met all client’s requirements and expectations. The software facilitated a 20% reduction in resource waste (water, fertilizers, pesticides) and saved our clients a lot of costs. Access to real-time data and analytics empowered farm managers to make more informed decisions and improve farm management by 30%. 


Technologies: Node.js, React.js, Redux, MongoDB, AWS

Team: Project Manager, 2 Software Developers, QA Engineer,

Services Provided: Product Engineering, Web Development, Quality Assurance, DevOps, UI/UX, Business Analysis